Natur Collection

Natur Collection


Mankind’s biggest achievements have always been studied and created from nature’s shape and logic, for they were made to function. Natur Collection is an homage to elements that have been on this planet long before we have.

True simplicity is found in the most far away places and exotic species. In the search for the utmost elegant lines such as the verticality of a waterfall or the uniqueness of the wave rock formation in Arizona. 

Our challenge was deconstructing nature into contemporary pieces without being obvious or redundant. We truly believe beauty is in the small details.

Design is not just making things beautiful, we compromise to create both visual and physical comfort. Each Natur design piece unfolds the seductiveness of natural land and water formations as well as their animal habitants.
When sophistication meets organic shapes, materials, textures and colors, the result is an harmonious sense of style that adapts to different living spaces and interior design perspectives.
Immerse yourself in mother earth’s first art creations in an understated glamorous way.

Discover the new NATURE COLLECTION at:

HÁBITAT VALENCIA´19 | 17-20 SEP 2019


HOMEING'19 LISBON | 26-28 SEP 2019